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Production reserve cadres 2



Job requirements:


1.College degree or above, more than three years of production of industrial enterprises management experience.

2.Familiar with state laws and regulations on the quality.

3.Familiar with the company's product quality control of the work process and plant operation.

4.Strong interpersonal communication skills,strong management skills team player.


Job Responsibilities:


1. The overall responsibility for the management of the workshop.

2. Responsible for workshop personnel, materials, labor discipline management.

3. The production process quality control and routine equipment maintenance workshop.

4. The cost of management of the production process; workshop safety and environmental management.

5.The quality of working meetings held regularly, with "man, machine, material, method," mass spectrometry to analyze the quality problems occurred summarize, find causes and solutions. Do corrective and preventive measures.



Production team leader 2



job requirements:


1, control, coordinate the production line personnel management and various production activities;

2, to convey production plans and tasks, arrange and control the progress of production operations;

3, tracking production, product demand, production process, output target, etc., on time to complete production goals;

4, timely response to abnormal production, identify problems in time to track and make reasonable suggestions;

5, to participate in raising production efficiency and improve product quality action plan and implementation;

6, monitoring norms operating methods to ensure the safety and clean production site;

7, responsible for staff management, training and training. The company is located in

job requirements:

1, related to production management experience

2, Proficiency in production standards, familiar with the production technology and production processes, familiar with the daily management standards workshop and actively promote the improvement of production efficiency

3, have a good analysis and problem solving skills

4, a positive and responsible team spirit


Quality Management Engineer    3


Job requirements: 


1. Mechanical, electrical engineering and other related professional, college and higher education.

2. Through the ISO14000 environment system, ISO9000 quality system certification training.

3. More than two years of electrical and electronic aspects of quality management.


Job Responsibilities:


1. The development and maintenance of quality management system documents.

2. Responsible for environmental monitoring of clean workshop.

3. Responsible products remain kind and regular observation.

4. Participation process validation and verification equipment.

5. Develop quality standards for materials and semi-finished products, finished products control.




 Foreign salers  3 



Job requirements:


1. The full-time undergraduate degree or above, good image quality.

2. English is preferred, fluent English, 6 level and above.

3. There are more than two years of relevant work experience and familiar with international trade.

4. Have strong communication skills and problem solving skills.

5. Work in earnest and companies can grow together, with good teamwork.


Job Responsibilities:


1.Responsible for the overseas market product sales and market development.

2.Responsible for the maintenance, expansion, development, international customer management within the jurisdiction.

3.Using the Internet to develop customer resources, to promote the use of trading platform.

4.Familiar with the operation of international commerce platform Alibaba and other network sales platform, there is good work experience.

5.Overseas projects to collect information, customer information and competitor products.

6.Under the leadership of sales manager, sales tasks.