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Know ---- micro-pump articles

 Miniature water pump
Micro-pump (mini water pump) Definition: Usually to enhance the liquid, liquid transport or increase the pressure on the liquid, that is, the mechanical energy of the prime mover into liquid energy to achieve the purpose of pumping liquid machine collectively referred to as the water pump , Can be in the "mini pump information network" query mini pump details.
The general form of the pump for the drive part of the + pump body, the pump body has a two interfaces into one, the water from the inlet into the drainage outlet, who use this form, and compact, pocket pumps, are called micro-pumps , Also known as miniature pump.
Chinese mini pump head range of 0.5 meters to 15 meters Current Range 0.1A ~ 3.8A Voltage range DC 4.5V ~ DC 24V
Pumps are machines that transport liquids or pressurize liquids. It will be the prime mover mechanical energy or other external energy transfer to the liquid, so that the liquid energy increases, mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, acid and alkali, emulsion, suspension and liquid metal, but also can be transported liquid, gas mixture As well as liquids containing suspended solids. Pump performance measurement of the technical parameters of flow, suction lift, lift, shaft power, water power, efficiency, etc .;
According to different working principle can be divided into volume pumps, vane pumps and other types. Common volume pump is divided into diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, gear pumps; common vane pump is divided into: centrifugal pump, axial flow pump and mixed flow pump type.
working principle
Volumetric pumps utilize the variation of their working chamber volume to transfer energy. Vane pumps use the interaction of rotating blades with water to transfer energy.
Press the voltage points
Can be divided into AC, DC; such as AC micro-pump, DC micro-pump;
Press the motor points
Can be divided into a brush, brushless; brush miniature pumps, brushless miniature pumps;
Divided by principle
Divided into diaphragm, piston, magnetic drive, gear and so on.
In practice, a certain type of pump is often combined with the above categories.
Such as "DC brush miniature diaphragm pumps", "DC brushless miniature magnetic pump" and so on.
Pumping solution
Requires self-absorption capacity, and the flow and output pressure requirements.
Note: pumping working medium is water, non-oily liquid solution (can not contain solid particles, etc.), self-priming function, you can choose the following pump:
1, flow requirements (about 4 ~ 20 liters / minute), the pressure is not demanding (about 1 to 3 kg) to be used for water recycling, water sampling, upgrading, etc., require less noise, long life, high self- Etc., the optional BSP, CSP and other series;
2, traffic requirements are not high (about 1 ~ 5 liters / minute), but the pressure (about 2 ~ 11 kg).
3, for the tea table pumping, kung fu tea pumping, spraying, etc., requires the volume as small as possible, the flow requirements of small, low noise (about 0.1 to 3 liters / minute), optional PHW, ASP and other series.
Pumping gas
Value the volume, noise, continuous use and other performance
Description: Requires water and gas dual-use, long-term dry turn, without damaging the pump; 24 hours continuous operation; Small size, low noise, but the flow, pressure less demanding.
1, with a mini pump or vacuum pump, but sometimes there will be liquid water into the pump chamber.
2, require micro-pump both pumping and pumping.
3, with a miniature pump, but sometimes there may be no pumping pump, in the "dry turn" state.
Some traditional pumps fear "dry turn", "dry turn" can even damage the pump. The PHW series of products is essentially a composite function pump.
4, the main pump with a micro-pump, but do not want to manually increase by pumping water before the "diversion" (some pumps in the work before the need to manually add some "diversion", so that the pump can pump up the water down, or the pump can not pump water or even Damage), that is, I hope the pump has "self-absorption" function. At this point you can PHW products strengths lies.
With the above application, you can choose PHW series.
Traffic requirements
Media contains a small amount of oil, solid particles, residues and so on. Description: The media to be pumped
1, contains soft solid particles less than 31mm in diameter (such as hair, fish feces, sewage sludge, debris, etc.), and can be cut into smaller particles, but the viscosity can not be too large!
2, Allow the working medium contains a small amount of oil (such as a small amount of oil floating on the surface of the sewage), but not all oil!
3, flow requirements, do not need self-priming function of the occasion.
With the above application, you can choose FSP large flow series.
Advantages and disadvantages
Pump work, the coil and commutator rotation, magnet and brush does not turn, coil alternating current direction is with the motor rotating commutator and brush to complete. Because an energized rotor starts to rotate, it will wear carbon brushes, both of which are low-grade products
Goods, the general operation of up to hundreds of hours brush on the grinding finished, there will be failure.
The high-end products, because carbon brush technology, copper and other key technologies excellent life expectancy in more than a few thousand hours. Such as foreign high-end pumps, some domestic specializes in high-end micro-pump manufacturers, most of which is the case. However, the cost of a lot more low-grade.
⑴ moment (strength), the same size brush motor and brushless motor, brush pressure (head) is much larger than the brushless.
⑵ high-end brush motor flow can be much larger than the brushless motor.
⑴ carbon brushes have a certain life expectancy, not as brushless motor to reach tens of thousands of hours of life; even with high-end there are some gaps. But can be used for non-continuous 24-hour operation occasions.
⑵ high-end high cost; cheap low-end brushed pump life is shorter, only a few hundred hours.
⑶ liquid can not contain particles and other impurities, can not contain oil
Motor type
Motor-type brushless DC pump is a brushless DC motor with impeller composition. Motor shaft and impeller together, there is a gap between the stator and rotor pump, the use of water for a long time will penetrate into the motor to increase the possibility of motor burn out.
Advantages: Brushless DC motor has been standardized (such as ordinary fans or DVD brushless motor), a large number of specialized manufacturers, lower cost, high efficiency.
Disadvantages: can not be applied to the size and direction of the load are constantly changing (similar to the construction site ramming machines, industrial applications such as motor requirements). Grade is not high, prone to failure.
DC magnetic force
Brushless DC magnetic pump
Brushless DC magnetic pump
Brushless DC magnetic water pump uses electronic components for commutation, without the use of carbon brush commutation, the use of high-performance ceramic shaft and ceramic sleeve wear, the sleeve through the injection molding and the magnet together to avoid wear and tear, the brushless DC Magnetic pump life has greatly enhanced. Magnetic isolation pump stator part and the rotor part of the complete isolation, the stator and the circuit board part of epoxy potting, 100% waterproof, the rotor part of the permanent magnet, the pump body with environmentally friendly materials, low noise, small size, performance stable. Various parameters can be adjusted through the stator windings and can be operated at wide voltage.
Long life, low noise up to 35dB below. The stator and circuit board of the motor are encapsulated with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor. They can be installed underwater and fully waterproof. The axis of the pump is made of high-performance ceramic shaft with high precision and good shock resistance.
⑴ high cost.
⑵ can not run long-term water shortage.
⑶ no self-absorption ability, can only be submerged or installed below the surface, or manually add water, more trouble.
Micro exchange
Commutation pump commutation is through the 50HZ mains frequency changes, the speed is low, there is no exchange of electronic components inside the pump, you can high temperature, the same lift exchange pump volume and power is the DC brushless water pump 5- 10 times.
Advantages: easy to use electricity, manufacturers are more, cheaper prices, longer life expectancy.
Disadvantages: volume, noise, high weight, inconvenient to carry, high degree of protection requirements, the use of improper electric shock may occur.


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