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Know ---- micro-pump articles

 Miniature air pump
Miniature air pump refers to a small size, the working medium is gaseous, mainly for gas sampling, gas circulation, vacuum adsorption, vacuum packing, pumping, pumping, supercharging and other purposes of a gas delivery device.
Micro-pump according to the purpose is divided into: miniature negative pressure pump, miniature vacuum pump, miniature gas circulating pump, miniature pump, miniature gas sampling pump, micro pump, miniature suction pump, Diaphragm, electromagnetic, impeller, piston and so on. General medical and health, research, laboratories, environmental protection, instrumentation, chemical and other industries widely used micro-air pump mainly refers to the micro-vacuum pump.
Compared with the large vacuum pump, it has the following advantages:
Small size, low noise, low power consumption, easy to operate, easy to carry, maintenance-free, 24 hours continuous operation, also allows
Medium is rich in water vapor. Most importantly, because it is dry, oil-free and does not require vacuum pump oil or lubricant, it does not contaminate the working medium and does not interfere with media analysis and more. And the price is much cheaper.
Selection criteria
First, if only the output of compressed air micro-pump.
Simply put, it is to use it to cheer, inflatable, pump exhaust port basically do not have. This situation is relatively simple, according to the output pressure in descending order: PCF5015N, FAA8006, FAA6003, FAA4002, FM2002, FM1001. Of course, we also refer to flow indicators and other related technical parameters.
Second, if it is the following situations, you should choose WKA products.
1, with a mini pump or vacuum pump, but sometimes there will be liquid water into the pump chamber.
2, require micro-pump both pumping and pumping.
3, the main pump with a miniature pump, but do not want to manually increase before pumping water diversion. (Some pumps require manual "priming" before work, so that the pump can pump low water up or the pump can not pump or even damage.) The strength of the WKA range is that when it comes in contact with water, it pumps Vacuum, the formation of a vacuum by air pressure up, and then began pumping.
4, using micro-pump pumping, but sometimes there may be no pump pump water, in a "dry turn" state. Some traditional pumps fear "dry turn", and even fatal. The WKA series is essentially a compound function pump, which integrates the functions of vacuum pumps and pumps, some people call it "vacuum pump." So, in the absence of water, it will be evacuated, and when it has water it will pump it. Whether it is pumping or pumping state, belong to the normal work category, it does not matter "dry turn" damage.
Third, if it is micro-pump pumping, the situation a bit more complicated.
(A), to determine the micro pump pumping end condition
Miniature pumps for pumping are divided into two categories: gas sampling pumps and miniature vacuum pumps. Although they are often referred to as miniature vacuum pumps simply and indiscriminately, they differ from the technical point of view and require special attention.
In short, the gas sampling pump can only be used with a small load (ie, the pump suction resistance must not be too high), but the price is very low; in the strict sense of the micro-vacuum pump can carry a large load (suction end allow large resistance, or even complete Blocked), but the price is slightly expensive. The specific difference between the two can be found in the article "on the difference between miniature vacuum pump and gas sampling pump", will not repeat.
The gas sampling pumps are: PM series, SA series, SB series; miniature vacuum pumps are: VM series, VAA series, PK series, PC series, VCA series, VCC series, VCH series, FM series, FAA series, PCF series, these series All specifications under are real miniature vacuum pumps, such as VM7002, VAA6005, PC3025N and so on.
The size of the pump suction end resistance can be measured by the instrument. Compare it with the Por parameter of the pump "maximum allowable air inlet resistance" to know whether the selection is suitable. Usually based on experience and easy to use methods to determine, such as the following several cases belong to a larger load (ie pump suction end of the resistance), can only be selected within the miniature vacuum pump range:
① Pump pumping end to take a long pipeline, or pipe bending point, bending or blocking even closed, or the pipe hole is very small (for example, less than φ2 mm);
② in the pipeline throttle, solenoid valve, gas switch, filters and other components;
③ pump suction port and airtight container connection, or the container is not closed but intake is small;
④ pump suction port and sucker connection, used to adsorb objects (such as manifolds, precision workpieces, etc.);
⑤ pumping end of the pump connected to the filter container, container placed filter screen, used to speed up liquid filtration.
(B), to determine the micro pump exhaust conditions
All of the above are discussing the problem of the resistance of the suction side of the miniature pump. According to these judgment conditions, the selection range has been narrowed. However, the resistance of the discharge side must also be considered in order to finally determine the optional range.
In practice, the miniature vacuum pump is facing different exhaust conditions: one is very smooth exhaust, through the atmosphere; the other is a larger exhaust resistance, such as in the exhaust pipe valve, a small bend , Large damping sensor, non-specific muffler, exhaust below the liquid level, the gas discharged to airtight or semi-airtight containers. In the modern design and manufacturing, to face the different exhaust conditions of miniature vacuum pump treated differently. The parameter "the maximum allowable air outlet Por" is to calibrate the exhaust capacity of the pump, so that we can use strict technical means to determine whether the selection is appropriate.
In short, for the system with large exhaust resistance, our selection range is: FM series, FAA series, PCF series; For the system with small exhaust resistance, the selection range is: VM series, VAA series, PK series, PC series, VCA series, VCC series, VCH series, VBH series. Based on the above steps, we have been able to determine the selection of micro-pump range. In the delineation of a few optional series, and then based on our flow and vacuum requirements can determine the specific model. For poor quality products are not included in this article, try not to use. Note that the parameters to choose to leave a margin, especially the flow parameters. Pump access to the gas system, due to the pipeline, valves and other airway components to cause pressure loss, will reduce the flow, the resulting flow is less than the nominal pump flow There are some and selection-related issues are listed below, according to the use of consider.
1, with the load start problem.
If the miniature air pump already had a vacuum on its suction port before the start-up, or the pressure in the exhaust port already exists, consider another pump's technical specifications: the maximum start-up load Pis value for the intake port and the maximum start-up load Pos value for the exhaust port. A typical application example is the use of micro-air pump to maintain the container under vacuum or positive pressure, when the vacuum or positive pressure within the container is lower than the set value, the need for pump power start, higher than the set value shutdown. VM series, VAA series, PK series, PC series, VCA series, VCC series, VCH series, VBH series can be started under the ultimate vacuum degree that can be achieved by itself; it can be started under the maximum output pressure that can reach by itself The products are: FM series, FAA series, PCF series. The performance of the manufacturer's technical requirements.
2, micro-pump medium temperature problems.
Depending on the temperature of the medium gas passing through the pump, the choice is either ordinary or high temperature.
3, the reliability of micro-pump.
Depending on the severity of the consequences of the mini pump failure, it is entirely based on your own requirements. The average quality of trouble-free continuous operation of more than 1,000 hours, some up to thousands of hours. Special attention to this parameter is measured at full load, continuous operation, is the worst operating conditions, if the actual use is not full or continuous operation, the value will be higher, depending on the number of high pump conditions set. The performance is a test of the manufacturer's technical strength entirely, from the product appearance can be seen some, such as the use of special motors instead of ordinary low-cost motor, the case of considerable weight and other heavy. According to product prices can also know a little bit.
4, micro-pump electromagnetic interference problems.
If you have a precision circuit-controlled micropump that depends on the circuit's immunity to interference, you may want to order a miniature pump with low electromagnetic interference.
Now, with the mini vacuum pump in various fields and the application of vacuum technology, miniature vacuum pump performance is also rising, some areas can already replace the large vacuum pump.


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